Meletios Meletiou (b. 1989, CY)

He studied in Rome at the Academy of Fine Arts and he graduated in Visual Arts and Decoration in 2016.

He lives between Cyprus and Italy having his studio at “Palazzo-Pastificio Cerere” in Rome.

Making art Defines the artist’s personality. The continuous self-research is indispensable from the relationships with other individuals and the situations that surround us, the solution in an essential artistic practice that limits in a few strokes the stimuli collected by the external world. Using simple materials, Meletiou calls for reflection on the society’s condition and the role of the individuals, as a part of it. His practice is moved by his personal participation, which involves the sphere of emotions and affections.  His work is concentrated on the human nature through real irony, almost playful and never within the lines. Particularly, the artist, as an active participant, of the society, promotes the idea of art as a communication source between people with linguistic barriers, managing to stimulate memories and interaction. The artist is interested in the message delivered to the public by the esthetics of each concept and this generates to a dialogue.


Collective Exhibitions:

2018| “Fenêtre jaune cadmium”, curated by Sarah Linford, Institute of French Culture, Rome, Italy

2018| “Maps-Spam”, curated by Alessandra Arancio, Italian Geographic Society/Villa Celimontana, Rome, Italy

2018| “Now & Forward”, curated by Shara Wasserman & Tiziana Musi, Temple University, Rome, Italy

2018| “Developing Cities”, curated by Angelica Gatto & Emanuele Riccomi, Superstudio, Milan, Italy

2016| “Quattro artisti al Castello”, curated by Cecilia Casorati, Santa Severa Castle, Rome, Italy

2015| “Linguaggi e complicità”,curated by Sabina Alessi Archivio Menna-Binga, Rome, Italy


Residence of art/Symposium:

2016| Mosaic Symposium “Muro d’artista” at the port of Cetraro, Calabria, Italy. My work “The Others” in permanent exhibition

2016| Sculpture symposium at the river park of Magliana, Rome, Italy. My sculpture “Transition” in permanent exhibition



2017-2018| Collaboration with Galleria Borghese for the creation of the exhibition’s Decoration “BERNINI”, Rome, Italy

2017| Collaboration with MAXXI museum for the realization of Sol Lewitt’s wall drawing #1153 Ripples, 2005, Rome, Italy

2017| Collaboration with the artist Eva Jospin for her installation during the residency at the French Academy/Villa Medici, Rome, Italy

2016-17| Collaboration with Galleria Borghese for the creation of the exhibition’s Decoration “l’ Origine Della Natura Morta In Italia”, Rome, Italy 

2016| Organization of workshops on Lesbos Island and Athens/ Piraeus port for refugees and immigrants for the realization of the “imaginary friends” project.

2015 - 2016| Organization of workshops for autistic children at School of Special Needs of Red Cross, Cyprus and The Center Logos (Λόγος εκπαιδευτική παρέμβαση), for the realization of the “imaginary friends” project, Athens, Greece

2015| Collaboration with MAXXI museum for the realization of Ceren Oykut site-specific wall drawing, “Merge Field”, Exhibition: “Istanbul: passion, joy, fury”, Rome, Italy.