“Imaginary Friends”, 2015-2017

“Imaginary friends”: are small sculptures made with wire. The concept is an “alter ego” that people can take with them wherever they want like a lucky charm, it is a symbol of an imaginary world, a trusted friend who is ready to listen to any thought at any moment, keep company and play tirelessly whenever needed. This kind of activity has been created for the first time for autistic children in 2015. Since then the imaginary friends travel around the world especially in places with people in need.

Curatorial text by  Cecilia Casorati

"The others, 2017"

Greece, Lesvos and Port of Piraeus, 2015-2016:

On the occasion of the art workshops titled "Imaginary Friends", the book recounts the three-week experience in the major ,by the time, passage of migration flows into Europe.

Personal memories about "others", unknown stories and “stranger” people  but if we ever been among strangers then better consider ourselves as “the others”.