NOT, 2018

Yellow galvanized iron wire of 1.5mm, handmade braided.
Variable dimensions

Among contemporary political debate concerning the management of cities, there is also the concept of urban décor which is becoming more and more relevant because of the expansion of its original meaning. At the original idea of keeping the streets and squares clean, were then added additional elements, parts of a broader interpretation of “degradation”, a word with continues expanding boundaries and meanings, such as unauthorized advertising posters on the walls, or measures that prevent homeless people from finding shelter or just a place to sleep. In the name of fight against degradation, iron armrests are applied on the benches dividing them into several sections in order to make them usable only when seated; large gates prevent access to central stations at night; sharp spikes are installed in the ground or on buildings steps to prevent homeless people from lying on top. These new elements of urban architecture seem to want to give up their original function by being proposed as urban decor, almost as design objects that decorate the city. Considering this, irony was Meletiou critical tool to tackle the issue, focusing on the common etymology of decorum and decoration. The artist therefore uses his skills at the service against decay, creating a series of sculptures meant to be installed in public spaces in order to dissuade any bivouacs. These are handcrafted works, obtained by intertwining meters of iron wire and embellished by the different colours that can be obtained through galvanizing. The exhibited items are therefore presented as a hypothetical sample of objects that vary in shape and colour in order to meet the needs of a diverse group of customers, solving the difficult aesthetic problem that these repelling structures often entail.

Curatorial text by Emanuele Riccomi