Which side are you on?, 2018

Galvanized iron wire of 1.5mm, handmade braided.
Dimensions 4m x 2m.

Exhibited on the occasion of the group show Fenetre Jaune Cadmium at the French Institute Centre Saint-Louis in Rome, the hand-woven galvanized wire installation “Which side are you on?” (2018) was born as a site-specific intervention that leads the research initiated by Meletios Meletiou to a further development, and on a broader scale. Starting from a modular repetition of minimal geometric units - the geometric shape of the triangle - Meletiou elaborates an aesthetic and a language that, by appropriating the minimalist geometric and sculptural reductionism, probe the possibilities of materials and the relationship between form, space and environment. Meletiou’s poetics is specifically centered on social and political issues: starting from the semantic ambiguity hidden behind the noun "decoration", the artist investigates and develops the contemporary policies of urban decorum by constructing impossible structures in which the obstacle and the absence of familiarity with the spectator are the testing ground to establish a continuous tension between the beholder and the watched object. Far from being friendly and reassuring, the structures in interwoven wire attract, with the sparkling reverb of the colour given by the hand-galvanizing process and the projection of shadows and lights on the polished surfaces of the iron wire, and repel, with their sharp tips. “Which side are you on?” interrogates the spectator in a direct and peremptory manner by placing him/her in front of the urgent need to organize his/her own space, which is, above all, a space of living and a social space

Text by Angelica Gatto